Glimm, Too: A Gallop In Time


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Written by B.A. Hughes and Illustrated by Quinci Woodall

“…I was stunned by the powerful explosion of man and beast. The stallion was convulsing, hind legs kicking straight out, up into the air. This had to be a bucking bronco! My mouth fell open, eyes popped. I held my breath. Was I too close?”

Have you been to the rodeo?

Have you wandered too close?

Does everyday life sometimes feel like a rodeo?

“The still-spinning blade of the chain saw pinched the wood post and kicked back. Mel’s guttural cry was as shocking as his spurting bright blood. She tore her shirt to make a tourniquet. Could she make him live?”

Inside are nine stories that take you into the lives of kids, some very much like you: kids who joust for their parents’ attention, a pet dog is mauled, a baby dies, missionary kids face riots in a foreign city, an autistic brother writes a book. Tween and teen adventures where kids, like you fear a bucking bronco but learn to HANG ON AND GIDDYUP!


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