Marguerite’s Story

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by Elaine Latten

Part tender love story of a son and daughter-in-law for their beloved Marguerite, and part tragic warning of the very real dangers of elder abuse by once-trusted family members, Marguerite’s Story offers a tribute to a woman of boundless courage and compassion, and hope to other families with aging parents.

In addition to the story of Marguerite’s early life, her 42-year teaching career, and her slide into dementia, these pages offer a compendium of helpful resources to keep handy:

  • How to Select an Assisted Care Facility
  • Recognizing the Signs of Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Insurance Documents and Important Papers
  • Healthcare Insurance and Benefits Information
  • Finances
  • Court Officials
  • Funeral Arrangements
  • Elder Abuse: Signs
  • South Carolina Resources
  • Eldercare EOP (Education, Outreach, Planning) Assessment Form

Author Elaine Latten worked as a fraud analyst with a Medicare contractor investigating Medicare fraud for nearly 30 years. Her husband for over 20 years, Marguerite’s youngest son Von, is the inspiration for this book. Through all his adversities and heartache, he endured, he prayed, and he kept his faith in God. He learned about family duty from Marguerite as he watched her care for her mother, and he was honored to take care of his own.


1 review for Marguerite’s Story

  1. Keith Jowers

    This is an emotional story about a son’ s love, devotion, and dedication for the care of his mother in her aging years. It illustrates all that can go wrong but eventually what can defeat that wrong with faith in God and a support system lead by a loving spouse. The information provided can assist anyone who is thrust in a position of caregiver.

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