Seven Years Later


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by Catherine (K) Buckler

A mother’s dedication knows no bounds, even when her kids are grown.

Such was the case for K (also known as Catherine) Buckler when her forty-one-year-old son, John, was diagnosed with a rare cancer. For months, K left her life in Ohio behind to care for him at the Texas Air Force Base where his cancer was being treated by Air Force medical personnel. Several times a month, she sent family and friends detailed emails about John’s progress-not only to track his treatments, but to keep everyone in the loop, and to maintain her sanity by keeping connected.

Seven Years Later, a collection of these emails, paints a personal, powerful portrait of the love, faith, optimism, and resilience that pulled this family through John’s cancer journey. From diagnoses to experimental trials, from the darkest days to the light of returning health, this intimate, poignant record is sure to be a resource of information and inspiration for any person or family dealing with a life-threatening illness.

Softcover, 220 pgs


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