Ember’s Dragons

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by Isabel Tilton

The world was in a panic. As reports of dragons were being recorded across the world, the government and news scrambled to explain what was being seen. However, no one was buying it.  Ember Winters was one of the few that remained unfazed. That was until two dragons landed in her backyard looking for her help.

Unfortunately, the only way to help was to pay a price, and Ember must decide if she is willing to pay it.



4 reviews for Ember’s Dragons

  1. Kaylen Marsh

    Amazing book that is filled with life lessons. Nice depth of character and scenery with a page turning plot!

  2. Paul Ostermann

    Really enjoying it, hard to believe she is 17. Good plot good use of language. has alot of life lessons in it

  3. Mike

    Great read. I could not stop once I started. Character and scenery descriptions made me feel like I was there. Awesome for such a young author.

  4. Grant DeYoung

    Incredible book with amazing characters and imagery. Definitely a must read for all ages.

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