Heart of Aquilia

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by V.B. Lou

Aquila has fallen.

Ryder and Ace have fought side by side for their kingdom since the age of sixteen. As Defenders, their duty is to protect Aquilia and its borders from all harm at any cost. But when their fortified walls collapse mysteriously, Ryder and Ace are sent to find a fabled heroine to save their home.

A dark evil rises again.

After being raised and protected by the legendary elements for fifteen years, Evelyn is faced with her greatest threat yet. When an ancient evil reawakens and resumes its hunt for Evelyn as she prepares to turn sixteen, a timeless prophecy spurs into action. With the fate of two worlds hanging on her shoulders, she struggles to find the balance she needs to save both. Two attractive, but slightly annoying Defenders may be her only hope of surviving her ill-fated birthday.

Three destinies. Two worlds.

Can one girl save them all?

5 reviews for Heart of Aquilia

  1. Hannah King

    I loved this book so much! It was a short but engaging book I didn’t want to put the book down! I would love to see a part two at some point!

  2. Hannah King

    I loved this book so much! It was a short but engaging book. I would love to see a part two at some point!

  3. G. Kimball

    In VB Lou’s debut novel, a young woman, who has been raised by the elements, must join forces with two Defenders of the Kingdom of Aquilia to protect her world and theirs.
    The dystopian story takes place in Aquilia, a kingdom that has been divided into Four Climates during the Great Divide. The Heart is the center of the kingdom where all can live in peace and harmony. Outside the border of Aquilia is where the four elements live. A prophecy has proclaimed that if the Defenders and the girl don’t come together, all will be destroyed.
    The story is written from the viewpoints of Evelyn and Ryder in opposite chapters. This made it both easy and interesting to read. Easy, because you could keep track of who was narrating, and interesting, because you got two sides of the story. As the Defenders, Ryder and Ace, leave their kingdom to track down the girl who is supposed to be able to assist them, they run into wind, fire, earth, and water in their various forms who aren’t sure they want to assist in the quest. It will take all of Evelyn’s persuasion to achieve this.
    The book is a mere 104 pages divided into 20 chapters. The story moves at a good pace, and has enough detail that you can picture everything quite easily. You could easily read the story in one sitting, or break it down into 5-minute “bites” by reading a chapter when you have a moment.
    I do recommend this, especially for those kids who might be intimidated by longer stories.

  4. Melanie S.

    You’ll enjoy this book. Adventurous characters. Vivid imagery. Keeps you reading to see what happens next. I do hope this becomes a series. Amazing work for a young author.

  5. Joe Leanza, MD

    As a pediatrician, I am always looking for more books to recommend to my patients. I believe that reading is the gateway to imagination, intelligence and expanded experiences. This book was a recommendation from a local teacher and it definitely delivered!
    I started by experiencing the cover itself. My mind was already spinning through imaginary doorways and colliding worlds. I was expecting the beginning of young love and adventure. Then, as I turned to the Prologue, I discovered the delightful, Tolkien-like opening poem that would define the story and invite intrigue and wonder. The chapters following did not disappoint either with a pattern of intermingling the characters on a collision course toward each other and into the beginnings of adventure.
    I found myself liking Ryder and Evelyn and there intertwined paths. Ace and Zulu are their perfect partners, matching the traits the main characters need to be the power players in the story. The setting and plot included just the right amount of dystopian generalized life, mixed with fantasy and an adventure to save the world.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the read so much that I read it in one sitting! I believe that this story and the ones that follow could be the next fantasy adventure to take the middle school reading world by storm! I so much look forward to the reading the 20-30 books possible from this new author and the “Aquilia” stories to come.

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