Heart of Aquilia


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by V.B. Lou

Aquila has fallen.

Ryder and Ace have fought side by side for their kingdom since the age of sixteen. As Defenders, their duty is to protect Aquilia and its borders from all harm at any cost. But when their fortified walls collapse mysteriously, Ryder and Ace are sent to find a fabled heroine to save their home.

A dark evil rises again.

After being raised and protected by the legendary elements for fifteen years, Evelyn is faced with her greatest threat yet. When an ancient evil reawakens and resumes its hunt for Evelyn as she prepares to turn sixteen, a timeless prophecy spurs into action. With the fate of two worlds hanging on her shoulders, she struggles to find the balance she needs to save both. Two attractive, but slightly annoying Defenders may be her only hope of surviving her ill-fated birthday.

Three destinies. Two worlds.

Can one girl save them all?


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