Born Creative: A Memoir of Paint, Passion & Purpose


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by Nita Leland

Nita Leland’s memoir, Born Creative, is meaningful to anyone who yearns to be more creative while coping with a topsy-turvy family life.

Born Creative begins with a bright-eyed, hopeful child’s longing to be an artist. When Nita’s well-meaning parents insist that she focus on teaching English, her desire to be an artist fades away.

Will she ever recover her passion to paint?

Nita marries her high school sweetheart and they move four thousand miles from Ohio to Issoudun, a village near Chateauroux Air Force base in France. Nita experiences extreme culture shock, as she struggles to overcome isolation and improve her pathetic domestic skills. Explorations in Bob’s sports car open her eyes to the beautiful French countryside.

After returning to Ohio, Bob finishes law school while Nita adopts the 1960s lifestyle of the feminine mystique. She is a frazzled, stay-at-home mother of four kids-cooking, ironing and driving carpools-sleepwalking in suburbia.

Thinking she needs a hobby, her husband surprises her with an unexpected gift-a little black paint box filled with watercolor paints. In Born Creative, discover how art triumphs over housekeeping! The message is unmistakable.

If you dare to dream, release the creative spirit you were born with and let it soar.


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