Fly With Me: One Woman’s Leap into a Life of Love and Joy


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by Teresa Martin

Have you known dark places inside your heart and mind?  Have you thought, “Why am I not happy?  Where’s the joy? The passion?”

You are not alone.  You have a life of love and joy waiting for you.  You are worth it.

Sometimes we don’t even know we can transform our lives until we see someone else doing it – watch them start, stop, fall down, brush off the sweat and tears.

Through this very personal look into one woman’s transformative journey into a life of love and joy, she will show you that you are not alone.  She will show you the first steps toward a life of happiness.  She will give you what she has – her story – so that you too, can fly toward a life of your choosing.

Teresa Martin is a Women’s Health and Hospice Nurse, Associate Therapist, and Author of poetry and prose. She gives you what she has – her story. Teresa is dedicated to the experiences of women, their health, and how their stories transform the world.

Her past work has been published by the American Psychological Association, Cambridge University Press, and Cordella Magazine. Her first published work, Big Ernie’s New Home: A Story for Children who are Moving, won the iParenting Award and has been translated into Korean.  She currently lives in Los Angeles, and is always up for joining the ladies to surf gentle waves or fine-tune feminism over a strong cup of coffee.




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