One Little Life

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Non-violent resistance is a psychic equipoise so deeply rooted and so persistently pervasive that no display of brutality, however severe or how sustained, possesses the power to shatter it.

Non–violent resistance is an emotional intelligence which remains inwardly serene and externally dignified regardless of the fluctuation of worldly events.

Non-violence is non-reactive. It is a calmness of character and clarity of purpose which remain immune to the most wicked and viscous of bigotries and hates.

The orphaned author of this book learned as a child this “peace that passes understanding” by observing and befriending the aging African-American woman who was her caregiver, mentor, and spiritual guide.

No reader will fail to be touched by the elemental trust and transcendent love which flowed between one little white girl and one humble servant during the two decades before the Civil Rights Act.

A powerful story of innocence coming of age in a world wracked by racial inequality, ‘One Little Life’ will impact all those who appreciate that the door to ‘the kingdom of heaven’ opens wide for children of all ages and all races, a story which has the potential to plunge the reader into deeper depths of compassion, empathy, and respect for all.

As an adult, Miss Seymour-Winfield wrote ‘Images Old and New,’ her book on the Judeo/Christian mystical tradition, whose lofty spiritual perspectives can be traced back to the simple truths she learned from this descendant of slaves.

1 review for One Little Life

  1. Peter Franklin Hess

    Simply amazing is my reaction and feeling after reading One Little Life. This is a first-hand story of a courageous young girl and her first hand experiences of racial injustice as she matures into adulthood during the 1950’s and the 1960’s in rural Maryland and Delaware. The author masterfully incorporates the rural African American dialect into the stories which mystically brings the reader not just closer to the story, but as a participant in the settings.

    The development of the two main characters in the 390 page book is of a detail which will allow the reader to crawl under their skins to experience innocence, prejudice and mutual love. I appreciated how the author spun each story into manageable parts, painting the scene for the reader prior to the action. The pace of the stories and the entire book is well done with no slowness. Many areas of the story will appeal to and touch the reader deeper than other parts. All of the stories are tightly woven together which holds the reader between settings. The photos are well done and they set the tone of the book and provide an up-front visual which lasts throughout the stories. This a book which will make the mature reader when done with the book, think of their past.

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