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Go far, Go light” is Lena Wood’s mission. She’s an author, speaker, adventurer, mom of two, and grammy of seven. Lena’s been going far her whole life:to Asia (seven times), South Africa, Egypt, and Ireland. She climbed Mt. Fuji, slept at Everest base camp, and recently emptied her bucket list on a 5600-mile drive across the US.

Going light means traveling light, seeking simplicity, and writing books that enlighten. And Lena uses her home, The Ridge, to host friends who share a passion for taking the light of Jesus to the uttermost. 

Newest Release! Lena Wood and Braughler Books are proud to announce the release of a new Devotional Journal series, building on Lena’s mission. Go Forth, Go Far, Go Light is the newest series, and is available now.

  1. Go Forth (before you go)
  2. Go Far (on your adventure)
  3. Go Light (once you’re home)

Her “Elijah Creek & The Armor of God” series sprang from a desire to prepare kids—and adults—for the dark stuff. To that end, she became an unwitting expert on occult mysticism. She speaks on the topic around the country. 

Elijah Creek & The Armor of God Volume I contains Book One, The Severed Head, and Book Two, The Ancient Omen.  (The eBook version can be found HERE.)

Elijah Creek & The Armor of God Volume II contains Book Three, The Raven’s Curse, and Book Four, The Path of Shadows.

Elijah Creek & The Armor of God Volume III contains Book Five, The Haunted Soul, Book Six, The Angel of Fire, and Book Seven, The Carpet of Bones.

Elijah Creek & The Armor of God Vol. IV contains the Eighth and Final Book, Storm God



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