Osteopathic Considerations in HEENT Disorders



Dr. Michael L. Kuchera and Dr. William A. Kuchera introduce their fourth collaboration with the 1st volume of their new multi-volume series of Osteopathic Considerations. This edition will be introduced in a series with each fully rewritten volume focused on more extensive considerations by the visceral system.

Volume 1: Osteopathic Consideration in HEENT Disorders contains detailed chapters featuring step-by-step instructions for conducting palpatory diagnosis and performing osteopathic manipulative treatment techniques. Almost a textbook-within-a textbook, the extensive Addendum Complex at the end of the volume features clear, insightful diagrams of pertinent anatomy and detailed forms for recording patient or research encounters. The diagrams are clear throughout and – like the earlier editions – the system summaries will aid tremendously in studying for COMLEX and osteopathic boards.
The OCSD Approach used in each volume of this series is easily learned and applied. Applying it constitutes a time-efficient and clinically effective method of applying OMT to reduce symptoms, enhance homeostasis, and promote healing for students and clinicians alike.
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