Osteopathic Principles in Practice



Learning to be an osteopathic physician is a cooperative venture between the student and the faculty. There is no way that the faculty, through lecture and demonstration, can give the student all the information that will be needed as a physician. The student must have or develop a driving desire to learn, to know, to read about and to practice the basic osteopathic philosophy, principals, techniques and procedures presented during the training years. A physician is always learning and practicing. This is one of the factors that makes this exciting and interesting.

The student should practice finding neuromusculoskeletal clues to disease, make working diagnoses, and practice manipulative techniques when possible; applying them according to each patients needs in the medical situations encountered in clinical training. Listen, treat the patient and examine the results In this way the medical student will develop an art of practice which will aid the diagnosis, treatment, and better management of the total health of every patient.

This text is designed and presented with the expectation that each student will graduate as a sensitive, well-trained physician who puts their osteopathic principals into practice:

  • providing the latest indicated text, pharmaceutical and surgical aids;
  • recognizing the fact that even though illness today may be caused by stress, disease, and accidents, clues to dysfunction in the body will be found in the neuromusculoskeletal system;
  • designing treatment to maximize structure-function relationships and homeostatic responses within the body unit.


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