Else’s Journey: A Story of Resilience


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by Elizabeth Ritt with Kelley Hartman

In a time of war and upheaval, one young woman stands at the precipice of adulthood, her fate irrevocably altered by the tides of conflict. “Else’s Journey” is a poignant tale woven with threads of resilience and hope, depicting the saga of civilians caught amidst the chaos of World War II.

This is not just a story of survival, but of the profound strength found in the human spirit and the undying bonds of family. Elizabeth Ritt with Kelley Hartman, with the eloquence of master storytellers, bring to life the authentic oral history of Elizabeth’s mother’s incredible survival and journey towards a new beginning. Grab your copy and immerse yourself in the inspiring world of Else—a world where despite the shadow of war, the human heart’s capacity for love and endurance shines through.


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