Thank You for Swiping Right: A Story About Finding Love and Healing Your Relationship with Yourself

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by Stephanie Hibbert

Finding love is hard, but realizing that finding love actually starts by loving yourself is even harder.

After a five-year-long relationship with someone who was supposed to be her “soulmate” came to a crashing halt, Stephanie reentered the dating pool as a 23-year-old woman, worried about possibly never finding love again. Focused on beating her self-imposed deadline of married-by-30, she spent most of her 20s searching for love and feeling like her search might be doomed to failure. She didn’t realize it then, but the love she was looking for had been within her the whole time.

Eventually, she got the wake-up call she needed. It took endangering herself to realize that she was dating because she feared living a life alone—and she feared that because she didn’t value herself. The challenges didn’t stop coming after that, though—her confidence, love, trust, and belief in herself would continue to be tested, first by another failed relationship and then by a pandemic. But by developing a life-changing, new-mindset habit and a complete self-care routine, she learned how to love and appreciate herself.

And now it’s your turn!  Through Stephanie’s stories and insights, you’ll learn:

• how you can show up for yourself
• to live with resilience
• to cultivate self-love and self-trust so that you can fully love and trust others.

You’ll finally enjoy the most satisfying relationship of your life: your relationship with yourself.

Paperback, 341 pages.

6 reviews for Thank You for Swiping Right: A Story About Finding Love and Healing Your Relationship with Yourself

  1. Jessica L.

    This was a great, easy read. Not only was this book heartfelt and inspiring, but it’s motivational! Everyone can learn this powerful lesson to love yourself- no matter you relationship status.

  2. Maxine

    Excellent read book within two days. All young women should read this book. Amazing how difficult it is in todays society dating and finding love. Thank you Stephanie for your journey.

  3. Cathy Hibbert

    This book is truly a work from the heart. The author has shared an amazing story about struggling with self-confidence, finding self-love, and dealing with some of the most unbelievable dating situations. Her experiences with dating, especially online dating, and her journey while dealing with these astonishing stories will have you drawn in, like you are living the experience with her.

    This is a book that you won’t want to put down. It’s truthful, gritty, emotional, and hopeful. This is a must-read!

  4. Finnegan James

    This book was such a quick and great read! You feel every emotion in each word as you turn each page and cannot put the book down trying to read about what happens next. The message of self gratitude is something that all people can relate to and learn from. I highly recommend this book to all people.

  5. Jackie

    I highly recommend this book. I finished it in a few hours because I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. I applaud Stephanie’ s courage for telling her story. This book has wonderful practical applications to learn how to love yourself so you can learn to love others. Once you read it you will want to share it with others because the lessons it contains are universal.

  6. Brooke Brant

    I loved this book. It was a raw and real book and I applaud Steph’s transparency and vulnerability – absolutely inspiring! I learned a lot of new techniques and mindsets to love myself and treat myself better. Thankful for this book.

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