Disasters near the Greater Cincinnati Airport 1948 to 1968


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In the first 20 years of commercial operations, the Greater Cincinnati Airport experienced a series of aviation disasters. Today, these events are rapidly fading into “forgotten” history along with the vast majority of global aircraft accidents of the 20th Century. In “Air Disasters near the Greater Cincinnati Airport”, the author has revived the stories of the victims, their families, survivors, witnesses and first responders to the six accidents that plagued Boone County, Kentucky between 1948 and 1968. These firsthand accounts highlight the crash of an AT-11, a mid-air collision in 1955, the crash of American Airlines Flight 383 in 1965 and ends in 1967 with the worst commercial aviation disaster in Kentucky history. The book is well documented and includes photographs and diagrams to aid readers in understanding the events surrounding these tragedies.

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