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The “love” experience with a child’s first blanket can’t be predicted but is very special.

Presenting a blanket for a baby gift is one of the most personal and endearing ways to reach a new mother’s heart. Perhaps it is a plush purchased treasure that just can’t be resisted from the baby store. Or maybe the blanket is cut from fleece and tufted or fringed but the fabric has been chosen with the child in mind and conveys a personal message in the design. A quilt brings another dimension of time, love and devotion to the gift, a labor of love in itself. Sometimes the quilt is just for display, cherished by all and brought out on special occasions.

But then there is the blanket that your child will adopt, drag around, put in their mouth, run for when happy, snuggle in when sad. No matter how we try or how beautiful the selection, only the child can choose that blanket. And, that treasure becomes the child’s first blanket, to remember in pictures, worn to a scrap and saved in a trunk. The child chooses the “love” experience.

Alene presents this scenario in an attractive way in “Big” the Quilt sharing the simple game played with a mother and child at bedtime.

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