And Then the Fight Started!


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By Pat McCoy

The best way to make it through all the curve balls life throws at you is to laugh. How else could Pat be a dedicated Cincinnati Reds fan his whole life? Well, Pat certainly knows how to laugh. Better still, he is extremely adept at making others laugh. He is one of those people who elevate the energy in a room as soon as he walks in…as much fun as everyone might be having, they all know the truly good time is about to begin.

Pat McCoy was a career Police Officer and Army (Ret.). He is a husband, father, brother, friend, and citizen. It is also clear to everyone who knows him that he excels at every single one of those roles. Pat is an avid collector as well, displaying collections of baseball cards, toys, patches, license plates, and other interesting items in his lively, comfortable basement. Moreover, he could tell you the history of each item displayed from where it was made to how he acquired it.

Pat possesses numerous life skills, from auto mechanics to gardening to making the perfect Manhattan. But art, especially cartooning, is his passion. Since his early grade school days, Pat drew cartoons that reflected the everyday experiences in his life and in the lives of others with satire, sarcasm, and simple frankness. He can evoke the memory of an entire event for everyone in a single, vivid panel – a talent that benefited him and everyone he knew…time and time again.

Pat enjoys all aspects of life, but especially the simple, everyday events. He knows the priceless value of close family, good friends, and moments both quiet and boisterous. He also appreciates the available variety of mustard, cheese, whiskey, and chili (with no beans). In contrast to the sorrows he experienced as a police officer, he lives all the moments he encounters in his life from one to the next with unflinching vigor until, with the goal, in the end, to live a life more rewarding and full than most.

After all, the best revenge is a life well-lived.

This book is about how Pat is able to turn everyday life into laughter, and after 59 years, definitively, a life well-lived.


Hardcover, 11″ x 8.5″, Full Color 62 pages (116 illustrations.)


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