Is My Child Next?: The Alexa Brown Story (Hardcover)

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by Jonathan Walsh

Imagine if your community, your neighbors started seeing children diagnosed with cancer at an alarming rate. How would you react? What if it was your child?

Is My Child Next? The Alexa Brown Story takes you through the heartbreaking, true story of families fighting through the Eastern Sandusky County Childhood Cancer Cluster in Ohio from 1996-2010 and well beyond.

Their journeys are raw, real, and inspiring. You’ll be there with them as they face the most difficult challenges of their lives all while showing you how strong the human spirit can be.

There are many amazing families in this story. Warren and Wendy Brown and their family were changed forever when they heard little Alexa Brown had a cancerous brain tumor. You’ll see how they put all of themselves into their desperate efforts to help Alexa and help the overall battle that is Childhood Cancer.

When you buy this book, you are sending every dime of the author’s profits right back into helping families going through life-changing medical problems.

Hardcover, 230 pages.

NOTE: The hardcover version is only available through the Author at this time. You can order a softcover version via Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Additionally, an eBook version is available HERE.

2 reviews for Is My Child Next?: The Alexa Brown Story (Hardcover)

  1. Jonathan E Siff

    Jonathan Walsh’s Is My Child Next? The Alexa Brown Story is a well-written account of the facts and heart underlying the story of a cluster of childhood cancer patients in rural Ohio. The author, a longtime investigative reporter, details his investigations of how a one-time assignment grew into a years-long pursuit for answers and help for these children. Walsh details the adversities the families face, focusing on the story of one little 8-year-old girl, Alexa Brown. The challenges come from the medical community (unprepared for an outbreak in their small town), inadequately funded research, bureaucratic delays and seeming indifference and a complex political structure which hampers even well-intentioned politicians from enacting change. Mr. Walsh deftly weaves the facts of the investigation through a lattice of struggle, emotion, selflessness and determination as seen through the actions of Alexa and her family. Illustrative of the love and dedication of Alexa’s family, her older sister leaves her life and teaching job to return home to help care for Alexa. After Alexa’s death, her parents become tireless advocates and fund raisers for the disease that took their youngest child. Mr. Walsh tells a story that, after the tears, left me with an admiration for the strength of spirit both for the families and children impacted by this still unsolved mystery and the reporter who has connected with the families and seen the story through for well over a decade. Is My Child Next? The Alexa Brown Story is a strongly recommended read.

  2. Janet George Blocher

    Is My Child Next? The Alexa Brown Story is a compelling and moving read about a family and their journey together as their daughter and sister is diagnosed and ultimately dies of brain cancer at the age of 11. The ups and downs of Alexa’s surgeries and treatments cannot dampen her bright spirit even as those around her struggle to find the cause of her cancer, a mystery that affects not only the Brown family but also the families of what became known as the Clyde Childhood Cancer Cluster. This book expertly weaves in the trials and struggles of the families in dealing with state agencies which do not provide definitive answers as well as the Browns’ advocacy efforts in Congress to provide appropriations for legislation that would fund childhood cancer research efforts. The book will leave an indelible mark as you read about these beautiful children whose lives were lost or impacted by cancer, the families who so loved them, and the systems that failed them.

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