At Whitt’s End: A Variety of Poems and Narratives


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Like everyone on the planet, I have experienced break-ups, miscommunications, misunderstandings… and I have survived it all.

My messages and my need to get it all down on paper, has been a long-time coming.

One devastating break-up, quite a few years ago, provoked me into not being mad, but into dealing with a large amount of disappointment and mistrust, again.

Being mad did not serve me any real purpose.

That started me on a wonderful and scary journey of writing it all down…to get the poison of what was done to me, out of me. This process of letting go, was life-altering and life-affirming. I believe that what I have shared with you, will be something that you can identify with, may make you cry, but some will definitely make you laugh.

I have always believed that I can replace the hurt and betrayal, by talking and crying with others…and with the power of prayer and laughter. Thank you for this opportunity for me to share my life with you.

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