The 5 Disciplines of Highly Effective Employees: Maximize Your Potential


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by Mike Fedotowsky, Seth Hummel, Mendy Fedotowsky, and Lexi Ball

The average employee in the average company implements one process improvement each year, but world-class companies such as Toyota see fifty implemented improvements per year per employee. These companies have established a systematic process to engage their employees in continuous improvement.

In The 5 Disciplines of Highly Effective Employees, Mike Fedotowsky, a nuclear physicist who was part of the first company outside of Japan to win the Deming Prize, and Seth Hummel, an MIT-trained entrepreneur, along with our collaborators, have created a simple methodology that helps any employee at any level of an organization achieve their full potential by increasing their rate of improvement.

The 5 Disciplines of Highly Effective Employees is based on Dr. Deming’s Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle for continuous improvement. By answering the following 5 questions, the book will provide you with a disciplined approach to help you maximize your potential at work and beyond.

  • What is my job?
  • Am I doing a good job?
  • How do I analyze my job?
  • How do I improve?
  • Am I maintaining the gains?

This easy-to-read and relatable story follows Lauren as she takes ownership of her performance and becomes hands-on in improving it. By working with her mentor and her direct manager, you will see Lauren become a proactive and engaged employee, all the while dramatically increasing her rate of growth.


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