e-book: Writing with Verve on the Blogging Journey



In this casual, yet informative business book on blogging, Jayme Soulati features three years of blog posts she’s written on her journey from newbie to professional blogger. The topic of blogging is this author’s favorite, and it shows in her friendly and personable writing style. The book is a quick read and chock full of tips and takeaways on a variety of blogging topics.

What’s more, Jayme’s authentic blog posts show key learnings from direct experience on the blogging path writing for Soulati-‘TUDE! at http://soulati.com. She showcases stories about what she learned since the start in March 2010 and how she’s grown into an award-winning professional blogger with nearly 500 blog posts to her credit.

The book is heavy on tips, bullets, and “Jayme Notes” to update older content. Each chapter includes three key takeaways, and there are 25 “#RockHot” tips throughout the book. She covers such topics as voice, building community, guest posts, the back end of a blog, content creation, the echo chamber, inspiration, and much more. Pick a topic, jump to that chapter, and scan the content for immediate help about an issue you’re facing as a blogger.

Who should buy this book: New bloggers, anyone planning to blog, bloggers with less than 12 months experience, seasoned bloggers who need inspiration, corporate bloggers wanting tips on how to be a person first and a blogger second, workshop presenters, academia, and friends!

E-book version is formatted for the Kindle.


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