TEACH: Lessons I Learned from My Students and Colleagues


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by Michael Unger

TEACH showcases inspiring young adults and the remarkable teachers who celebrate the power of the HUMAN SPIRIT.

Every successful urban educator’s journey is different/unique. The common characteristic all great teachers possess is the ability to LISTEN to the FEARLESS, TENACIOUS, and DEMANDING voices of the students that we have the privilege to interact with every day.

We must work to build BRIDGES between our passion and high expectations of our subject matter and the student’s cultures and lives outside of the classroom.

TEACH is the relentless quest to keep open all OPPORTUNITY. Courage is the key and is essential to success. We can create innovative environments in which people are encouraged to seek out solutions or have the courage to challenge the status quo. WE CAN EMPOWER OTHERS.


Paperback, 238 pages, full color.


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