Mastering Your Connections


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It has been said that “Referral marketing and Effective Networking are the best marketing tools a professional can use to grow their business without putting an advertising budget in place.” This book is a compilation of stories and idea from contributing authors relating to networking experiences and referral marketing strategies that professionals have used to enhance and expand their sales. “Sales without Selling” is a program that emphasizes the opportunity to develop business through referral relationships and networking. This concept changes the mindset of selling from pursuing to attracting. It is important in business development for us to meet the right people at the right place at the right time using the right strategic activity. If we put this strategy in place, we can create a sustainable business model that helps us move toward the success we all envision.

Contributing Authors include David Braughler (Publishing Advisor at Braughler Books), S. Duane Plapp Sr., David Allison, Kelley Bell, Fred Brackman, Deborah Burkhardt, Michael R. Davis, David Funck, Frances Gallohan, Thomas Johnson, Dan Kuderer, Matt Plapp, Renee Reed and Chuck Shoemaker.

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