At Whitt’s End 2


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by Janean Phillips


From the back cover:

 It has been another adventurous rollercoaster ride to find the time to write, think, chit-chat with friends and family, and finally finish another book, in and around my sometimes hectic life.

The hardest part is to stay seated, despite the endless list of things to do. The second hardest part is remembering the tissues needed at hand once I started pouring out my heart. And the third hardest part is trying not to edit and proofread as I go along.

I just can’t help doing the latter.

At Whitt’s End 2 is another collection of short stories, narratives and poems, from my heart to yours, and from life experiences of myself, friends and family.

Mind you, some of the stories may have been exaggerated a bit, embellished some and some are just from dreams.

As with At Whitt’s End (1), I am very proud of this collection.

Some hurt still has occurred, as well as betrayals, crying, sleeplessness and stress.

Oh well.

Such is life.

It is what it is…

and therefore, I write.

Thank you, again, for this opportunity for me to share my life with you.

Also available from Janean Phillips: At Whitt’s End and Jane’s Suitcase


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