Ready, Set, CEO!

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Ready, Set, CEO! is your guidebook to become your own boss. These are the well-learned lessons of an experienced entrepreneur.

Any business, like life in general, will follow a series of ups and downs. There will be times of stress, happiness, confusion and joy. Whatever your business, be it a service you offer or a product you manufacture, it will be impacted by these natural and at times unpredictable swings. Expecting challenges and having a plan to address them when they happen, will allow you to deal with them better.

Most successful entrepreneurs would tell you that to succeed, you need to be determined, patient and focused in order to move your business from an idea to a profitable operation. In Ready, Set, CEO! Kevin Schatz provides you important keys to setting up your own business, knowing what to expect, getting yourself organized, and setting yourself up to succeed.

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2 reviews for Ready, Set, CEO!

  1. James

    Great book! Very helpful when starting my new business. Will be looking for your additional books that will follow.

  2. Jon Stall

    Loved the book!! So many very useful tips that I plan to use
    in my own business. Thank you, it will help me tremendously.

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