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Echo Selling: How to Reach a Generation of Buyers Through Their Influencers

by Steve Bookbinder

Everything about the way people buy has changed. Business-to-Business customers are armed with technology designed to block salespeople and often try to solve their own problems through search engines and social media. How can sellers influence these
buyers? They can learn how to be relevant by mastering the new skill of Echo Selling.

• Echo Selling helps you identify the buyer’s circle of influencers who need to echo your sales pitch.

• Echo Selling simplifies how to get into the conversation between buyers and their influencers.

• Echo Selling shows you how to translate your sales pitch into “echo-able” messages.

• Echo Selling is the strategy for getting the buyer and their circle to reassure each other that your service is right for them.

• Echo Selling gives you the tactics you need to close deals with customers you can’t reach with conventional sales techniques.

Effectively reaching the right influencers through Echo Selling will increase your value as a salesperson and give you the competitive advantage you’ll need for a successful sales career.


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