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A history and philosophy of the process of science, in which traditionally taught science is contrasted with what scientists have actually done through the development of new world views.

Emphasis is placed on the reasons humans must rely upon models and theories to express understanding of world behavior. The act of creating such theories is as inventive and inspired as that of the artist. The logic of science is spelled out and its tremendous power to render one aspect of certain knowledge is illustrated often throughout the text.

The consequences of an ability to utilize scientifically derived “useful” theories to build a technological civilization are explored and the methods of evaluating and reacting to risk are explored.

An assessment of false claims of ‘scientific’ achievement (pseudoscience) is included for two areas claiming the attention of many adherents. A simple set of criteria is presented for evaluating the claims of any purveyor of ‘scientific truth’.

Perhaps of most value are the many illustrations from history of how the scientific process has actually worked. When described in the text these events are linked to an appendix containing concise illustrations using the Barnhart Model of Creative Science.

Book includes Presentation CD!

The CD contains two full color presentations identical in content to the black and white text edition, with the added enhancement of having active links to many internet reference resources that will aid in bringing this material to life, and providing you with a deeper understanding of the creative process that underlies the many scientific discoveries presented in the written text.

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