Is My Child Next?: The Alexa Brown Story

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by Jonathan Walsh

Imagine if your community, your neighbors started seeing children diagnosed with cancer at an alarming rate. How would you react? What if it was your child?

Is My Child Next? The Alexa Brown Story takes you through the heartbreaking, true story of families fighting through the Eastern Sandusky County Childhood Cancer Cluster in Ohio from 1996-2010 and well beyond.

Their journeys are raw, real, and inspiring. You’ll be there with them as they face the most difficult challenges of their lives all while showing you how strong the human spirit can be.

There are many amazing families in this story. Warren and Wendy Brown and their family were changed forever when they heard little Alexa Brown had a cancerous brain tumor. You’ll see how they put all of themselves into their desperate efforts to help Alexa and help the overall battle that is Childhood Cancer.

When you buy this book, you are sending every dime of the author’s profits right back into helping families going through life-changing medical problems.

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1 review for Is My Child Next?: The Alexa Brown Story

  1. Nicole

    This book is extremely well written with a mixture of raw and honest emotions as the reality of childhood cancer is brought to light in the small Northeast Ohio town of Clyde. The story of Alexa Brown & her family is one that is both touching and heart breaking but above all inspirational. This book speaks volumes for so many children and families who have endured the unimaginable pain of cancer. This book is definitely a must read!

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